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TitleCountry Profile : Belgium
Country Profile : Belgium
_Country Profile  : Belgium

Country Name : Belgium

Continent : Europe

Govt Type : Federal Parliamentary Democracy

Capital : Brussels

Currency : Euro

Area(Sq km) : 30,521

Population : 10,827,519

Languages : Flemish, French, German

Religion : Roman catholic(75%), other(25%)

Literacy(%) : 99

Life expectancy(yrs) : 79.4

P.C.I (in $) : 35,422

HDI rank : 18

Rivers/lakes :

Other Cities : Antwerp, Ghent

Economy : Belgium is a manufacturing country. Agriculture & forestry are also present there and are important too. Main crops are oats, rye, wheat, potatoes, barley and sugar beets. Coal is the country only important mineral. Industries :- Steel and metal products, textiles, glass, fertilizer, sugar, heavy chemicals

Antwerp is world’s 4th largest port and also the world’s biggest diamond-trading centre.

Geography :

Netherlands & the North Sea (N)

Germany & Luxemburg (E)

France (W & SW)

Belgium is crossed by the Meuse and Scheldt rivers and network of canals.

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