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04.05.2012 10:17 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: belgium europe coal textiles glass fertilizer 
Economy : Belgium is a manufacturing country. Agriculture & forestry are also present there and are important too. Main crops are oats, rye, wheat, potatoes, barley and sugar beets.
16.04.2012 10:07 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: austria graz manufacturing economy vienna euro 
Economy : Austria mainly depends upon mining, manufacturing, trade and services. Agri Products- Livestock, forest, products, grains, sugar beets, potatoes.
16.04.2012 10:07 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: azerbijan europe baku manat minerals 
Economy : Azerbaijan’s number one export is oil. Crops: Grain, cotton, grapes, fruits, vegetables, tobacco, silk, dairy products Natural resources: Oil, iron, aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, precious metals, limestone, salt.
13.02.2012 10:02 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: armenia europe dram 
Economy : Armenia is a mountainous country with very fertile soil and extensive irrigation. Imp crops—grains, potatoes, olives, almonds, grapes, cotton, dairy products. Minerals—copper, zinc, aluminium, molybdenum, marble, granite.
13.02.2012 09:50 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: andorra europe euro tobacco minerals 
Economy : 80 % of GDP comes from Tourism. Andorra is an agricultural country. Crops: cereals, potatoes, tobacco. Minerals:- iron, lead, alum, stone, timber. Geography : The principality of Andorra is situated in eastern Pyrenees on the French-Spanish border.The country is mountainous.