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04.05.2012 09:59 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: bangladesh asia dhaka taka economy 
Economy : Half of the GDP is generated from service sector.Nearly 2/3 of people are depends upon agriculture with rice as the single most important product. Half of the population still cannot afford to feed themselves properly.
16.04.2012 10:07 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: austria graz manufacturing economy vienna euro 
Economy : Austria mainly depends upon mining, manufacturing, trade and services. Agri Products- Livestock, forest, products, grains, sugar beets, potatoes.
10.02.2012 08:26 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: albania lek tirana farming economy 
Economy : half of the GDP comes from agriculture, ¼ of country is suitable for arable farming. Minerals—coal, oil, chrome, copper and nickel Industries--- woollen fabrics, textiles, leathers goods, petrol, cement, sugar, beer, cigarettes.
10.02.2012 08:11 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: afghanistan economy asia kabul kandhar 
Economy : The main crop is wheat. Animal husbandry is important for meat,milk & wool. Chief mineral resources is natural gas.Industries: manufacture of woollen and cotton; traditional handicrafts and woven carpets are important export items. It produces 3400 tonnes of opium ($1.2billion) a year.