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13.02.2012 10:02 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: armenia europe dram 
Economy : Armenia is a mountainous country with very fertile soil and extensive irrigation. Imp crops—grains, potatoes, olives, almonds, grapes, cotton, dairy products. Minerals—copper, zinc, aluminium, molybdenum, marble, granite.
10.02.2012 08:11 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: afghanistan economy asia kabul kandhar 
Economy : The main crop is wheat. Animal husbandry is important for meat,milk & wool. Chief mineral resources is natural gas.Industries: manufacture of woollen and cotton; traditional handicrafts and woven carpets are important export items. It produces 3400 tonnes of opium ($1.2billion) a year.
16.04.2012 10:07 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: austria graz manufacturing economy vienna euro 
Economy : Austria mainly depends upon mining, manufacturing, trade and services. Agri Products- Livestock, forest, products, grains, sugar beets, potatoes.
13.04.2012 09:30 0 comments Categories: Polity  Tags: preamble consitution 1949 constituent assembly 
WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a 1[SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC] and to secure to all its citizens:
13.02.2012 10:00 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: argentina south america peso tannin 
Economy : Minerals—coal, lead, copper, zinc, gold, silver, sulphur and oil. Meat packing is the main industry, flour milling is the 2nd . Crops—grains, maize, grapes, linseed, sugar, tobacco, rice, citrus fruits, livestock products. Argentina is world’s largest source of Tannin.
16.04.2012 13:04 0 comments Categories: Polity  Tags: articles fundamental rights 
Article 12 and Article 13.
16.04.2012 09:59 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: australia kangaroos great victoria deserts great sandy canberra dingoes 
Economy : Australia is an important producer and exporter of wool, wheat and meat. Its mine provide minerals and metals of many types, including coal, iron-ore, bauxite, gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, nickel, oil and natural gas for use by local and overseas industries
16.04.2012 10:15 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: bahrain manama dinar ship building petroleum refining 
Industry: Aluminium, Ship building and repairs, electronics assembly, building materials and banking. Petroleum production and refining accounts for about 60% of export receipts, 60% of govt revenue and 30% of GDP.
04.05.2012 09:59 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: bangladesh asia dhaka taka economy 
Economy : Half of the GDP is generated from service sector.Nearly 2/3 of people are depends upon agriculture with rice as the single most important product. Half of the population still cannot afford to feed themselves properly.
04.05.2012 10:10 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: barbados bridgetown barbados dollar sugar 
Economy : Agriculture and tourism dominate the economy of Barbados. Sugar, Molasses, rum, electrical components and chemicals are major exports.
16.04.2012 10:10 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: north america bahamas tourism atlantic islands 
Economy : Fishing is the main occupation of people. Vegetables and fruits are also grown. Industry: Tourism together with tourism-driven construction and manufacturing accounts 60% of GDP.
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