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13.02.2012 09:55 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: antigua berbuda america sugar tourism 
Economy : The economy is agriculture based. Exports—sugar, sea island, cotton. Tourism is main source of income. Manufactures—garments, fans, refrigerators and rum.
13.02.2012 09:54 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: angola cassava coffee crude 
Economy : Food crops- Millet, maize, banana and cassava. Cash Crops—Coffee, Cotton, oil palm, sisal Industries—Textiles, brewing, cement, oil refining, sugar Angola is the 2nd largest oil producer in sub-saharan Africa, 700,000 barrel per day( Nigeria 1st ) Angola produces about 1/10th of worlds Gemstone.
13.02.2012 09:50 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: andorra europe euro tobacco minerals 
Economy : 80 % of GDP comes from Tourism. Andorra is an agricultural country. Crops: cereals, potatoes, tobacco. Minerals:- iron, lead, alum, stone, timber. Geography : The principality of Andorra is situated in eastern Pyrenees on the French-Spanish border.The country is mountainous.
13.02.2012 09:45 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: algeria africa dinar minerals olive arti-chokes 
Economy : Agriculture products include wheat, barley, potatoes, arti-chokes, flax and tobacco. Fruits like dates, pomegranates and figs grow in abundance. Wine & Olive oil are also produced. Main occupations is cattle raising. Minerals:- iron
10.02.2012 08:26 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: albania lek tirana farming economy 
Economy : half of the GDP comes from agriculture, ¼ of country is suitable for arable farming. Minerals—coal, oil, chrome, copper and nickel Industries--- woollen fabrics, textiles, leathers goods, petrol, cement, sugar, beer, cigarettes.
10.02.2012 08:11 0 comments Categories: countries  Tags: afghanistan economy asia kabul kandhar 
Economy : The main crop is wheat. Animal husbandry is important for meat,milk & wool. Chief mineral resources is natural gas.Industries: manufacture of woollen and cotton; traditional handicrafts and woven carpets are important export items. It produces 3400 tonnes of opium ($1.2billion) a year.
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